The aim of the EEITE conference is to bring together scientists from relevant fields of electronics to share and discuss their knowledge and experience in a scientific framework.

About EEITE: The 1st EEITE, held in May 2019, was initiated from the idea to run in parallel to the Erasmus Week we organized, which gathers scientists around the word for teaching and training, as an opportunity to present their research work with the benefit of publication to conference proceedings. By the same concept was organized the 2nd EEITE, but due to the start of the COVID pandemic both events were postponed to October 2020, when they eventually held on-line through web-platform. Although this deprived of the real contact, it gave us the opportunity to have participants who not involved in the Erasmus Week. The 3rd EEITE, in collaboration with the ATHENA European University, will be held during the Erasmus Week on September 2022 and is planned to be in person. However, taking into account travel difficulties or limitations, the participants who cannot come to Crete will have the opportunity to make an online presentation.

As in the previous meetings, there are no fees for participating in EEITE2022 and publishing in the proceedings volume.

Participants are welcome to:

  • choose between oral (20 minutes including time for questions) or poster presentation,
  • suggest a plenary talk (30 minutes in length with additional time for questions) in special topics in the key areas of the conference .
  • submit a manuscript of the presented work to be published in the conference proceedings, accommodated by ISSN/ISBN number.

(c) Department of Electronic Engineering, Hellenic Mediterranean University